Acha Baba alime shamba – DUALE’s squeeze, NAZLIN UMAR, speaks on RAILA’s escapades with SASHA in Zanzibar

Lets be CANDID shall we? #BedroomManenos!

And YES. This candid talk may be reflected to my own story too. Honest honorable, virtuous woman and leader. But my lips are still sealed for now. So maybe a sequel to and not quite opening of servers. Another major opening of servers is coming soon. Meanwhile…..

What is the lesson here? First, Let Raila Odinga be. His private life should remain private.

So what if he is with a masseur as the news says, or a one night stand, a prostitute or if the girl looks too young, so whose business is it? Maybe he is in love or needs a break? Social media is on fire. Leaders have lives too, don’t we, aren’t we human too? Wacheni baba amefika Canaan. Just that leaders should be honest and not lie, men should be men. After all Africans are polygamists. He shouldn’t be abused or mocked to such extent. Let him be. He has a right to be happy, we all do.

Most men are not happy with their first wives, that’s the truth, hence Allah has created and allowed polygamy. They have a right to be happy and not locked up in sexless, loveless marriages by force of traditions, cultures, inlaw pressures and children’s dramas or whatever, its all irrelevant. Why force a man to stay with you when his heart is gone to another woman and has been gone for a long time? If his desire for you has ended. It has ended. Period. Deal with it and move on. No one can force love and desire.

Everyone has a right to be happy. If you love him, let him be free to love whoever he loves. It’s his choice. If you can’t make your man happy, let him find love elsewhere where he is happy instead of forcing him to feeeeel for you just because you are draconian, aggressive and intolerant, that he must do be you’rs only by hook or by crook.

He will never stop craving for his love, his desire even when he is in bed with u and away from her for even a day!

How do you feel that he may be in your bed but texting to the other woman and begging for her love, ready to leave your bed in the middle of the night to go to hers?? How do you live with that?? He will have to lie to you but how will that help you?

If I know that my husband deeply loves another woman wallahi, and…