Acha Baba alime shamba – DUALE’s squeeze, NAZLIN UMAR, speaks on RAILA’s escapades with SASHA in Zanzibar

…for a long time, I would do everything possible to make sure he gets hid happiness. I would accept her n beg her to accept him. Especially if she is stunningly beautiful n makes him happy, more desirable??? Why fight it? Beauty comes from God and we can’t do anything about that, can we?

Most women have forgotten themselves and neglected their men in child rearing and raising kids and thrown themselves, their looks, their bodies and sensualities to the dogs….don’t care how they look, smell or feel to their men. Ugly n unkempt, big bellies loose hanging breasts n body parts, no exercise, no gym, no walks, no runs, no yoga…they are dirty even….Why force him to stay then? With the solutions he has? Remember he is not with you 24/7? And if he has wealth, go fix your body for God’s sake instead of throwing a bitch fit when u discover he loves another one with a killer body n stunning beauty, a happy soul who has time for him and is what he desires.

If it was me in that sorry state and I can take the pain of walking away, I would and if I can’t I will send him to her and pack all his belongings myself and make sure I glue them together. That’s true love. Not forcing him to stay with you like a prisoner to lie to you out of pressure when u know fully well he loves, desires and craves HER and not you. He will never be yours, even if you lock him under key.

You’d be lucky he doesn’t scream her name out when he is forced to have sex with you instead and not her. Imagine that he craves for her, thinks of and imagines her when having s3x with you? How do you live with such degradation just to lie to yourself that he still wants you, amidst threats, intimidation and arm twisting from your family??

What’s the big deal eeh? Si love can end, it ended with you when he loved another??

Children with you can never be the reason to force him to stay. You will manage to keep him but not his heart, nor his desires. Would you rather not accept that there are two of you than have him commit adultery with many women just to satisfy himself? Are you aware you have helped turn him into a rapist too, to release pent up emotions, lost on you?

That’s how you women are helping spread and get infected with HIV. And have partaken into making the man into a thwalim, a fasiq, an oppressor, a violater and user, abuser of honorable innocent virtous women, a rapist, a s3x maniac criminal. This is what you will not escape answering to Allah on the day that you will surely stand before His majestic tribunal to give account.

Kila MTU abebe jembe akalime shamba. Wachaneni na baba wenu.



Voice of truth, fairness, justice and sobriety.

Truth as only said by Nazlin Umar.