Breaking: Hon Fred Ouda Slaps Nairobi Police Boss Mr Koome Over Protests Outside Supreme Court

Kisumu Central MP elect Hon Fred Ouda slapped Nairobi police boss Japhet Koome outside the supreme court where opposition supporters converged for prayers, it was a grandmother of all slaps.

The MP slapped the police boss after he banned the peaceful prayer assembly. The MP reminded Koome that peaceful protest was a basic right as enshrined in the 2010 constitution.

He is the third person to slap a senior police officer after Bernard Chunga and Babu Owino.

His supporters are celebrating saying the next ‘fool’ that he should slap is Nyanza and Kisumu Police bosses over arbitrary shooting of area youths over Uhuru victory protests.

Residents of Kisumu retrived 4 rotten bodies that were riddled with bullets and are believed to be of the missing youth who were allegedly shot by police during peaceful protests against Uhuru fraudlent victory.

This is how Kamasasa Emp described Hon Ouda for those who may not be knowing the Kisumu Central MP elect: