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New twist in replacement of Bob Collymore as Safaricom CEO

Kenyans on Thursday morning woke up to the news of the purported replacement of Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore with a corporate executive from Ghana. Two bloggers with a sizeable following ... Continue Reading →

Ni kubaya….The ever busy and packed Safaricom Moi Avenue is now empty, Don’t joke with RAILA (PHOTOs).

Raila’s call for product boycott is hurting Safaricom.   The ever busy and packed Safaricom Customer Care shop along Moi Avenue is now empty as Kenyans say no to Safaricom. Look ... Continue Reading →

Shocker!See what JACOB JUMA posted about Safaricom before his death, It has come to pass.

The late Jacob Juma knew that embattled telecommunication giant Safaricom will collude with IEBC to rig elections.   He had warned that if IEBC gives Safaricom the tender to manage ... Continue Reading →

What media won’t tell you : Here is the scary disease Safaricom C.E.O Bob Collymore is Suffering from and he might not make it…Do Nasa have a hand in it?See full details

Africanewspost can exclusively reveal that Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore iwas recently diagnosed with Leukemia and is scheduled to undergo rigorous medical procedures in London. While ... Continue Reading →

Random thoughts: The top 10 jobs in Kenya that no one probably wants right now

Election season! We’ve had a lot to deal with since August as Kenyans and its not difficult to see that there have been some difficult consequences. Yes, political and economical ... Continue Reading →

BE INFORMED:Top bank to close all branches for 3 days

Equity Bank has announced that it will close all branches from 20th October 2 am to 23rd October 2 am. In a statement released on Thursday, Equity bank stated that the closure will ... Continue Reading →

Review: Google Pixel 2 phone challenges iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy and the results are amazing

It’s impossible to predict whether Google’s brand-new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones will fare better than last year’s well-reviewed but poor selling first-generation models. ... Continue Reading →

You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You

Trigger warning: gender stereotypes are in the house. If your second home is a safe space, it’s time to take cover and get ready to walk out in protest. It’s Venus. It’s Mars. ... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Reasons Why Asset Management is Important

Keeping track of the assets of the company is an important task that can save companies money and time. Asset management is the process of maximizing the assets of the company to ... Continue Reading →