Exposed badly:MIKE SONKO runs away from his matrimonial home, See where he has been staying for 4 months.

– Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has been staying in a Presidential suite of a luxury hotel in Nairobi for 4 months.

Since July, Sonko has been staying at the luxurious Nairobi Safari Club where he pays Sh 10,000 per night.

His convoy has been regularly spotted coming in and out of the hotel every morning and evening.

Receipts provided by the hotel under Sonko’s instructions show that he has paid  a total of Sh1,810,690 so far for his stay there.

On August 30, he paid Sh445,050 before another Sh708,905 on September 22 with the latest payment of Sh656,735 made on October 21

The manager of the luxurious hotel Dan Okello says that Sonko is…