For single moms only:Akothee’s tips to baby mamas on how to handle their exes

  • Akothee is a single mum of five. She has given hope to other single mum concerning their relationships with their baby daddies
  • She encouraged single mothers saying that she prays every one of them meets the love of their lives before the end of the year

Singer Akothee is known to speak her mind on whatever matter as she deems necessary.

The celebrated musician is known to be living life of openness and she shares her opinions with anyone who cares to listen. She never coils or holds back as she will face an issue head on and show it with the world.

Akothee, a one time Kenya’s best female artist and a single mum of five, has shared her opinion on single mothers still having affairs with their baby daddies despite having been abandoned.


The baby daddy hitmaker gave hope to single mums as she advised them not to fall prey to their exes who are out to exploit them for sexual gains.

She reminded single mothers that men can never say no to available sex and thus the women needed to learn their standards: