Full post by a popular Kenyan video producer linking CHRISTINA SHUHO to witchcraft and having S£X with BEN 10s

….Working With Gloria Muliro, Janet Otieno, Emmy Kosgei, Mercy D Lai Amoung Other Then Came Your Friend Mireille From Belgium It Wasn’t Easy Dealing You All You Ladies Coz Everyone Wanted The Best Of Which I Strived To Do The Best, Things Where Going Well Work Wise Had Been Single For Almost Four Years Pursuing My Career And Dreams And So Mind Last Year I Decided To Date And That’s When Issues Started, I Had Over Heard That You Like Young Men,

Although I Respect All My Clients And Work And Never Have I Ever Asked Sex From Them Or Tempted To Be With Them, I Always Put Work As Work And Dating A Side, So You @christinashusho started asking “Now Which Woman Are You Posting Posting Now Eh” This Was Shocking Since You Where Just A Client Not God Not My Mother Or Father I Wondered How Could U Even Dare Get To That Point So “You Went Ahead To Go To Witch Doctors To Ruin My Life My Relationship And I Do Remember I Carried My Ex Gal Friend To Dar For Work That’s When Things Started Falling Apart, U Never Liked The Ideology Of Her Being Around Me Because All You Were After Is Using Me!!!

U Always Met Janet Otieno And Told Her Huyu Acha Tumtumie Meaning Let’s Just Use Him I Never Believed Until U Went To Witch Doctors, I Personally Have Stayed At Your Home, You Got A Good Family But Your Not There Your Husband Loves You But You Always Tough On Him Because Your A Star Shame Upon You, You Call Yourself A Gospel Artist Who Never Goes To Church A Gospel Artist Who Shoots With Muslim Clothes My God Forgive You, Now I Came With My Machine To Edit My Computer Worth 200,000ksh My Workstation Where Did You Take It, Am Speaking From A Spiritual Perspective Why Did You Have To Do All This To Me???


You Too My Computer To Witch Doctors Eh Shame Upon You! You Made Me And My Ex Gal Suffer Because Of Your Selfish Unreliable Reasons What Kind Of A Person Are You, OK Now Tell Us About Those Chains You Wear Those Rings Are They Godly???

Even Tanzania Know You And They Don’t Respect You Aren’t You The Same Person Talking Negatively About Rose Mwando When I Told You She Called Me For A Video U Told Me She Is HIV Positive My Friend I Don’t Sleep With Clients I Hope By Now You Know And Let Me Warn You God Is Mad At You, Your The Same Person Who Made The Work Wasnt Finished Just Sending My Machine From Dar To Kigoma Took Two Weeks OK I Know This Game You Went To A Witch Doctor With My Computer For Me To Shoot Your Videos Well May God Have Mercy!!!!

Next I Will Be Listing With How Many Men You’ve Slept With From Pastors To Artist And Ministers In And Out Of Kenya Warning Am Not A Joke Just Dare Me! I Did Meet With You And Janet And Mr Otieno And Agreed To Pay For The Lost 7d Camera Which Was Your Fault For Your Hell Magic Now God Is WAITING FOR YOU TO COME AND RECEIVE HIM CONFESS AND APOLOGISE IN PUBLIC FOR HIS GLORY OTHER WISE YOUR LOOSING EVERYTHING!! REAL PROPHECY! #PST.NELSONTIGER #MAGICKUKAZ