Here are scandals of Governor WAHOME GAKURU with LADIES posted 2 days before his death.

Nyeri Politics’ on 5th November, 2 days ago made this post:

A lot has been said about Governor Wahome Gakuru, his marriage and women.

Governor Gachagua had two wives, officially, and a sidekick at the assembly. He never shied from the fact.

Governor Gakuru has two wives and a sidekick at the assembly! Some argue of three wives. But we will talk about what is now in public domain.

Deputy Governor Wamathai had one wife.

Deputy Governor Mutahi Kahiga has one wife and a sidekick in the executive.

The official wife of Wahome is Catherine. The First Lady. What people don’t know is that Catherine can’t share a room with the Governor. Her presence in Governor Gakuru’s life is cosmetic. An arrangement done by the campaign secretariat during the elections.

Diana Kendi is niece to Catherine. Actually, kendi conceived with Gakuru’s kid when she was staying with the family. When Catherine learnt of it, she Seperated with Gakuru and she became bitter enemies with Kendi, her niece.

Today, Kendi is CEC Tourism and Catherine is the First Lady. The supremacy battles over Gakuru played out two weeks after Gakuru was sworn in. KENDI influenced the abolishing of the First Lady’s office in Nyeri and the withdrawal of the official car to Catherine.

The former First Lady, (Margaret Gachagua) commanded respect across the country. She had an office to run her humanitarian activities, an official car, a personal assistant and a body guard. Her office had more than 5 employees.

After successfully engineering the closure of the First Lady’s office, Kendi had to literally show who is boss in Gakuru’s life during the Central ASK Show at Kabiruini.

Immidiately after the show, Diana Kendi put the…