Its over for you, Raila odinga close ally and best friend tells him

Raila Odinga political future seems to be hanging in a balance after a close friend and ally has told him that it is over for him and should stop plans to swear himself to office.
Koigi wamwere who was Nakuru gubernatorial aspirant told Raila Odinga off.
“Whether I voted for Uhuru or not, he is the President of Kenya after he was sworn-in again on 28th November 2017,” Koigi said.
The former Subukia MP said people get to power through various ways and there is need to appreciate them and wish them well.

“There are many reasons why people get to power including luck, merit, fate and inheritance, it is reasonable to wish whoever gets there his best for everybody,” said Koigi
“As President of Kenya, if Uhuru succeeds, all of us shall benefit.”
“But if he fails, all of us shall fail too, “he said in a vernacular radio station and warned Raila against swearing himself in.