KCB Thika branch robbery suspects scored As in high school…their parents reveal important details that media won’t tell you

“When Mwangi was admitted to Nyeri High I was worried because I did not have the money. I decided to sell our only cow and then borrow from neighbours and friends,” she said.

Whenever her sons were sent home for school fees, their mother would walk 40km from the village to the school to plead for them to be readmitted.

“It was a struggle, walking for close to six hours, but my boys were very intelligent and I knew I had to give them the best education possible,” the mother of four says.

At Nyeri High School, Mwangi is described as “an amiable and respectful and industrious boy who is very intelligent”.

School principal James Maina said he was not at the helm at the time the boys were students there.

The only indiscipline incident was when he was punished for making noise in class. For punishment, he had to complete prep time outside the staffroom.

Mwangi graduated from high school in 2007, scoring straight As in all subjects, and proceeded to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to study agricultural engineering.

Impressive grades

His brother Munene had graduated from Nyeri High a year earlier with equally impressive grades and joined the University of Nairobi to study electrical and electronics engineering.

“Both of them are very bright,” said their mother, adding that the the third suspect, Julius Ndungu Wainaina, 30, is not related to her, and that media reports on where they lived may have been wrong.

“I don’t have a nephew by that name, and my sons live in Nairobi County, not Kiambu. Even when I visited them, I travelled to their homes in Nairobi,” she said.

Until their arrest, the two led quiet lives.

On the crime they have been charged with, their mother says it is all up to them and the courts.

“They are adults and as a mother, I can only do my part and hope they do the right thing,” she said.

Nyaguthii said Mwangi last visited her on Mother’s Day this year, and that the two called her regularly.