Memorable moments of Margaret Kenyatta as First lady (First term)…WATCH THE VIDEOS BELOW FOR MORE EPISODES

  • It is another term for President Uhuru Kenyatta. And what other way to minimize the anticipation of the much awaited inauguration ceremony than to reminisce on his previous term?
  • It has been a journey full of hurdles, a journey that saw the president attract love and hate locally and beyond the border in equal measure.

But as they say, behind every successful man is a woman. In this case, Margaret Kenyatta has been the strong woman behind her husband.

Margaret commands an aura of respect and affection and has warmed the hearts of many Kenyans. The woman, who until Uhuru’s election maintained a low key has become a darling to many thanks to most of her charity works. We sampled a few of the most memorable moments of Margaret Kenyatta as the first lady.

Here, take a look: