Must read:Why having lungula with a malaya is cheaper and safer than doing it with a slay queen

Oxford Dictionary defines a prostitute as a person, in particular a woman, who engages in s3xual activity for payment.

And according to the ‘Kenyan Dictionary,’ a slay queen is a woman who most likely has a big posterior and uses it to attract vulnerable men with the aim of making a living out of them.

So, why could prost!tut3s, who are like to sleep with 10 men a day, be safer than a slay queen who probably has three spineless men on her speed dial? Kenyan pr@st!tut3s are the safest s3xual partners.


They are tested every month end, are very particular about using protection with clients, and with the introduction of the PREP drug, the risk of transferring any s3xually transmitted disease is lower from a pr@st!tut3.

But the slay queen’s lifestyle makes her a great risk – to not only your finances, but health as well.

She is out there promising love and loyalty to three different men, which translates to having sex without protection, which comes with life-threatening consequences.

Plus, the slay queen has a 20-something year old whom she frequently sleeps with just because the older men do not necessarily hit the spot right. And that 20-something boy has a string of women whom he also takes care of s3xually.

That make slay queens the most dangerous mammals on Earth!