Please understand…..Raila Odinga Explains Why NASA Keeps Postponing Swearing In and president Uhuru can’t stop laughing

Mr Odinga asserted that NASA supporters understand the mishaps with the swearing-in denying claims of frustration among them.

During a Christmas day service in Bondo constituency, a woman shot up from the congregation and proceeded to the front where the ODM party leader was speaking.

The woman who seemed to be the leader’s supporter handed him a Bible in an apparent attempt to swear in Mr Odinga as president.

“Everywhere I go, you always give me a Bible to take the oath.

“My supporters should not panic; I am soon going to take the oath. I mind your concerns,” Mr Odinga responded.

Raila declined to reveal whether NASA plans to swear him in as President of the People’s Assembly or as President of the Republic of Kenya.