President Uhuru Kenyatta’s message that has landed him in big trouble

However, a section took issue with Kenyatta’s message especially the “triumph of democracy” part, accusing him of sabotaging the same in the country.

To some, President Kenyatta should not talk about democracy in other countries since they believe the same does not exist in Kenya.

“Democracy is the last thing to come out of you Mr President…. Mseveni is your type,” one netizen was quick to respond.

“You must feel ashamed to talk about Democracy when the info. we have from servers shows NASA won the elections with more than 1million votes. Had Jubilee not conspired with IEBC to rig Raila Odinga should have been sworn in as the president of the Republic of Kenya,” another claimed.


Despite the condemnation by many of those commenting on the post, some supported the President noting that democracy did not amount to having Opposition leader Raila Odinga win the election.

“Funny how according to majority here- democracy and freedom is having Rao sworn in / or Rao winning the election…its just weirdly funny,” one tweep stated.