Review: Google Pixel 2 phone challenges iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy and the results are amazing

I do have another quibble here, however. To turn on portrait mode on the Pixel you have to go into a menu. I’d rather the control were front and center in the Camera app, just as it is on iPhones and Galaxy Note 8 that boast the feature.

Also new (and welcome) on the Pixel is a “motion photos” feature similar to live photos on the iPhone — basically a few seconds of video are captured along with a still image.

Your main squeeze

Pixel owners, like owners of other smartphones, can summon the Google Assistant by barking out the familiar “OK, Google” vocal command. On the Pixel, however, you have a silent method as well: you can squeeze the side of the phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of the squeeze, and also use this gesture to silence incoming calls.