I am addressing myself to Fred Kahura, the fake journalist that has apparently come out guns blazing threatening curses and court cases in a barrage of sugar(or is it Jesus) coated tall fake tales. Wale hamjaona hio post yake please read it. It is obvious that he is an accomplice in this twisted, sickening grand scheme to swindle Kenyans.

Someone tag the nugu pris pris. We need answers.

Fred Kahura, you state in your post that Gladys went to India to seek treatment BUT was not treated because a certain evil person withheld funds.

I would like to inform you that documents in our possession indicate that indeed Gladys was attended to on the 21st of June, and the bill fully paid. Attached here find screenshots of evidence.

You claim that she went to India because she had respiratory failure. The documents we have in our possession indicate that in India she went through two operations.


For those of you who went to school wengine wakiambiwa dismiss hehe FISSURECTOMY is a surgery performed to repair a torn anus.

HAEMORROIDECTOMY is done to remove HAEMORROIDS. These are swollen, inflamed veins in the anus and are caused by obesity and anal s3x.

Treatment of these usually requires ointments or lifestyle changes. Not surgery. Unless hio boot imetwangwa sawasawa.

Gladys, according to the doctor’s note, also received PAC. Now apparently PAC is a gynecological term meaning Post Abortion Care. Okeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

Now I have several questions for this fake journalist, Gladys’ curse-spewing-mother, that fake lawyer and all their co-conspirators:

1)Why are you lying that Gladys was not treated in India?

2)Why are you lying that her hospital bill was not cleared, when documents available indicate otherwise?

3)Why are you lying that Gladys is in ICU when yesterday she shot a video shedding crocodile tears claiming that Ndung’u wants her dead? Is that how ICU looks like nowadays?

4)Why are you lying that Gladys went to India because of respiratory issues while a note from the doctor who attended to her clearly states that she was treated for a TORN ANUS and a SWOLLEN, INFLAMED RECTUM?

5)Can a torn anus land one in ICU jamaneni ama ICU ni nini watu nguyas?

6)Fred Kahura, might you have an idea about who caused this severe damage on Gladys anus? Might you be the one?

7)Does a TORN ANUS require traveling to India to be repaired? Don’t we have doctors in Kenya who can repair MKUNDU IMEPASUKA?

8)In your post you state, tearfully, that dear Glado has been forced to revert to the use of a ‘gas cylinder’ (call it an oxygen tank you bugger) in ICU. My question is, how is an oxygen tank related to the anus? Or the rectum?

9)Did Gladys delete her photos on FB, put her account on lock-down while in ICU? She did this at 3pm yesterday.

10) Can you, kindly, explain the PAC bit in that doctor’s note?

11)Fred Kahura, you are pictured taking selfies in ICU. Is that allowed in a genuine ICU, with a genuinely sick patient? We can see..