Thirst for S£X will kill DUALE! See what he is doing to his LOVER that he confessed, NAZLIN UMAR! He is obsessed with her

…new phone were hacked, through my imei too.”

“And my sim registered to someone else, a George Otieno.”

“How clever, trying to get a Luo to think the blame can be made to fall upon Raila Odinga No. Raila is innocent.”

“This is Aden Duale No one else,” she said.

“My Facebook, Twitter, SMS, phone and calls all hacked and accessed. I lost total control.”


“Official goons had access to all my personal and private data.”

“They could have abused it.”

“I had to call then rush to Airtel, Sarit to lodge my complain, recover and lock my sim.”

“Investigations have been launched with Airtel’s anti-fraud I’m assured,” she added.

Nazlin says Duale has turned mad after she refused to ‘open her servers’ for him