This is where corruption money is hidden…..the Dpp has disclosed everything

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji on Wednesday divulged that part of the million lost in the Ruaraka Land scandal has been traced to Mauritius.

Speaking before Senate’s Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, the DPP noted: “In the Ruaraka issue, some of the withdrawn money has been taken to Mauritius.

“Once cash has been withdrawn, it becomes very difficult to track it,” Haji noted adding that Ksh250 million of the Ruaraka Land was once withdrawn within three days.

He further mentioned that they have since written a letter to the Mauritius government to facilitate, through legal assistance, to have that money returned to the Central Bank of Kenya.

The DPP also disclosed that they urged the Mauritius government to repatriate any suspects who may escape to their country so that they can be prosecuted in Kenya.

However, he wondered how the banks involved in the transactions of the millions allowed such amounts of money to go through their systems without raising a flag with the CBK.