Was JULIE GICHURU among 33 operatives sent by Jubilee to poison RAILA with nerve gas in Dubai? The TRUTH!

..investigate the incident, terming the allegations levelled against her as “vile, vicious, dangerous and fake.”

Have some crazy bloggers made VILE, VICIOUS, DANGEROUS & FAKE allegations about me & RAO? This one @JBoinnet @FredMatiangi you must investigate. I do not believe in harming others.”


“Never have. Never will. Never would. Now I am getting death threats over FAKE NEWS. Pathetic!,’’ Julie said.

I headed back to Kenya via Dubai with a four hour transit at the airport. I travel light, with only hand luggage by the way.”

“Dear FAKE bloggers, if ANY gas was found on me or ANY threatening items, in this era of terror, I would not get through ANY airport. Duh!” Julie added.