We are ready:Police Are Prepared to Arrest Raila on 12th December – Deputy IG Charles Owino…nasa supporters will cry


Nonetheless, Mr Owino maintained his belief that Odinga would act within the law and would not commit anything unusal given that he is experienced.

The Deputy IG noted that the Police would provide enough security if the activity would be lawful.

“If the activity he is going to carry out is lawful and is provided for in the Constitution of Kenya, we will provide security. We have no problem with him. We serve everyone,” Mr Owino stated.

Other reports from Vigilance House also indicate that the Police have launched two plans to be used during the planned swearing-in.

One plan is to stop Odinga from holding a meeting and another is to allow it to proceed but intervene immediately it turns out to be an inauguration.

“Every lawful assembly is authorised. If you authorise an assembly then it turns out to be unlawful, then in becomes riotous and therefore you have to request it be dispersed,” an official told the local daily.