You can go Kiss a transformer….Am rich and am not ashamed of it,jesus was not poor anyway…..JCC’s Allan Kiuna shows haters the middle finger and brags about his wealth.

….word of God can demystify misconceptions. I state categorically Jesus was never poor. Tell me of any poor man who has an accountant. Judas Iscariot was the accountant and used to steal. When you steal from a poor man, what can he be left with? You know the answer.” He said during an interview with a local daily.

When asked whether he is living a humble life because of his frequent show off, Kiuna said,

“Humility has nothing to do with poverty or riches. It is not a function of material standing, it’s about the state of one’s heart and mind. There are very wealthy people who are very humble … There are very poor people who are very arrogant … The bottom line is that being Christ-like has nothing to do with material status but one’s relationship with Christ and living a life patterned after Him.