You can go Kiss a transformer….Am rich and am not ashamed of it,jesus was not poor anyway…..JCC’s Allan Kiuna shows haters the middle finger and brags about his wealth.


He has taken me from one level of glory to another. Those who know me can attest to the fact I am a generous giver, always willing to reach out and help the less privileged. I have paid school and college fees for children I have never met and hospital bills for people I don’t know. This is being Christ-like.”

When asked whether he announces the millions of shillings he collects every Sunday through tithe and offerings to his congregation like old school churches do, the flashy preacher said,

“Every institution has its own modus operandi. I totally admire and respect those doing that. Though we do not publicly announce our collections, we have our own mechanisms to achieve the same. Our accounts are open to scrutiny. Any church member can walk into the accounts office and ask for the records of their giving. They will be given instantly. Internal and external auditors regularly audit our books.”