You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You

Ladies’ Night: A Cautionary (and Misogynistic) Tale from History

At first glance, the world of betting, sports, and online casinos seems to be the domain of the male. An environment where it’s a case of man against the house: a battle to bring home the bacon by risking it all. The scent of testosterone is strong at the blackjack table, as player after player doubles down and demands to be hit.

In fact: women are no strangers to the casino tables. In 18th century England, gaming was not acceptable for aristocratic women. The men gathered in London clubs for raucous nights of cock fighting, dice, and cards. Meanwhile, the women would politely assemble for more socially acceptable forms of entertainment like theatre, opera, and singing.

However, girls will be girls and a group of ladies, including Lady Buckinghamshire, Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs Sturt, Mrs Concannon, and Lady Elizabeth Luttrell, started running faro tables from their home. (FYI: Faro is a 17th century French card game similar to lansquenet and Monte Bank).

The high society ladies were discovered, disgraced, and lambasted in the press. It was a moral scandal. The Faro Ladies were seen as a shocking example, with a ‘moral kinship with the lower classes’. They managed to avoid being pilloried in the stocks but each was given a £50 fine.

Times have changed. Today, women enjoy equal opportunities and can wager, win, and lose as they like. There may still be a few secret gentlemen’s clubs that don’t allow woman but its all to play for in the online casinos.