You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You


Most online casinos give visitors the chance to play for free, without revealing any personal information. Personal details are needed only to verify age and make deposits and withdrawals. Gender is only an issue with regard to branding. There are clearly scores of online bingo sites that specifically target female players.

Maybe, they are making a mistake… Read on…

Strategic Gambling: One Man’s Blackjack is Another Woman’s Bingo

Another key difference between male and female casino fans is the type of games played. Although we are dealing with generalisations, there is clearly a trend for male players to lean towards strategy-based games while women opt for less skill-based games like online slots and bingo.

A 2010 report, from the University of Greenwich, by Roslyn Corney and Janette Davis, examined the attraction and risks of Internet gambling for women. The survey revealed that men and women were equally as likely to play the National Lottery but scratch cards and bingo were favourites with the fairer sex.

Gambling is also seen as a way for men to ‘prove themselves’. Whereas, for woman, it is a means of escape and a form of entertainment. Rather than risk it at the horses, a woman is more likely to enjoy some quality time at the slots or playing bingo with her friends.

Like everything, these trends look likely to level out over time. Business looks to secure new customers wherever it can. It realises the importance of the pink pound.