You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You



Levelling the Playing Field: Games for the Girls

The online casino industry is a constantly evolving business. Now, nearly 20 years old, it’s a well-established sector and has to move with the times. According to Technavio, the top five trends impacting the global online gambling market, at this time, are changing market strategies, the use of alternative cash options, changing gambling habits, the increasing usage of credit and debit cards, and the growing number of online women gamblers.

The Top Five Trends Impacting the Online Gambling Market Through 2020, according to Technavio:

  1. Increasing penetration of credit and debit cards
  2. Changing consumer gambling habits
  3. Use of alternative options to cash
  4. Changing marketing strategies
  5. Growing number of online women gamblers

It’s the last point that is of interest here. In 2015, female players accounted for 40 per cent of the gambling population in the US and 49 per cent in the UK. The use of personal electronic devices allows women to play in private and avoid intimidation and any unwanted male attention.

It’s also a young woman’s game, with far more players under 35 years old. Operators are specifically targeting female players. The launch of woman-centric casinos like Cameo Casino, Pink Casino, Maria Casino, and 888 Ladies has met with mixed results but the trend is in play and looks certain to expand.