You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You


The online casino business is a relatively new industry, starting in the late 1990s. In 25 years, it has seen only a handful of female executives in key positions. There are a few notable exceptions, including PartyGaming’s founder Ruth Parasol and Denise Coates, the brains behind Bet365.

What’s interesting about these alpha females is that they have made no particular concessions to their own sex. Instead, opting to make their fortunes by serving equal action for all.

Emma Lynes, a freelance online casino marketing and branding consultant, working from Gibraltar, says the industry is always looking for an angle and will endeavour to cater to the broadest church.

The online casino business is a constantly evolving, hungry, and competitive business. New industry players arrive all the time, as territories open up. I’ve recently been working with a casino company out of South Africa. The question of gender is not a specific issue but the website branding is deliberately neutral.

“When I first started in the industry, many of the online casino websites – especially the US facing brands – featured pictures of half naked girls and guys on motorcycles. They were clearly targeting young men,” she said.

“These days, businesses reach out to a much wider audience. It makes no sense to alienate your online casino from any demographic. I work in the business and I enjoy playing blackjack and have several accounts online. It’s fun and helps me to relax. I prefer the anonymity of the online casino to the full-on sensation overload of the real world gaming floor. I think gender has no real factor in the modern online casino environment.”

In Conclusion…