You Think Men Are Better Gamblers in CASINOS? The Truth Might Surprise You


The original question was: does gender make a difference?

We’ve established that both history and ‘context’ exist. These traditional representations of men and women cloud both the question and the results. There exists an outdated and misogynistic precedent. If we disregard this, and instead look at the physical nature of the male and female brain, it would appear that nurture – as opposed to nature – is what defines a societal role. Aside from a small size difference, our brains are essentially identical at birth.

Bringing it all up to date, and looking at the state of the online casino business, we can see that women are making an increasingly more significant impact on a market which is eager to embrace them to the fold.

Therefore: although gender still factors, there doesn’t appear to be any real difference between men and women when it comes to enjoying a little time at the casino. Fashions and trends will shift but we can expect a more universal and inclusive gaming floor in the future.